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Our Technical SEO expertise ensures your platform not only looks great but functions flawlessly.

Technical SEO and Its Crucial Role in
Your Online Success

In the bustling online marketplace, your website is your digital storefront. But just like any physical store, its success hinges not just on aesthetics and flashy displays, but on the underlying infrastructure that ensures a smooth and satisfying customer experience. In the digital world, that foundation rests on Technical SEO, the often-overlooked yet critical factor propelling your website to the top of search engine results and captivating your target audience.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO isn’t a magic spell or a cryptic equation. It’s the meticulous process of fine-tuning your website’s technical aspects to comply with search engine guidelines and optimize its accessibility for both search engines and users. It’s the invisible but essential wiring behind your website, ensuring it runs smoothly, efficiently, and flawlessly.

Why Does it Matter?

With user expectations soaring and mobile devices becoming our constant companions, search engines like Google constantly evolve. Site speed, impeccable mobile compatibility, and a seamless user experience have become paramount ranking factors. Websites with clunky structures, agonizingly slow loading times, or confusing redirects get tossed aside in the digital dustbin, quickly falling out of favor with both search engines and users.

Consequences of Neglecting Technical SEO

Poor technical SEO can be the culprit behind a disastrous drop in search engine rankings, leading to a decline in organic traffic and potential customers. Remember, the coveted top organic search results attract nearly 35% of all clicks, so a plummet in your ranking can spell disaster for your business.

Building a Better Search Experience

At the heart of Google’s algorithm updates lies a singular mission: to deliver the best possible user experience. And that’s where Technical SEO shines. By ensuring your website boasts lightning-fast speeds, a mobile-friendly interface, a clear sitemap, and high-quality content, you’re not just appeasing search engines; you’re building a website that users love to navigate, explore, and engage with.

Why Choose FigFame for
Technical SEO?

But simply having a website isn’t enough. To truly evolve, you need a solid foundation optimized for search engines and users. This is where technical SEO comes in – the meticulous process of fine-tuning your website’s technical aspects for maximum visibility and performance.

FigFame Internet Marketing Agency understands the power of effective technical SEO. We’re your trusted partner, providing comprehensive solutions to help you:

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Our Capabilities

Our Technical
SEO Services

FigFame Marketing Agency offers comprehensive technical SEO services to optimize your website and ensure it thrives in the Google ecosystem.

SEO Audit

Our in-depth audits go beyond the surface, analyzing critical checkpoints like mobile performance, internal link structure, page speed, XML sitemaps, indexation, crawl errors, robots.txt, and site architecture. We uncover hidden issues and provide data-driven solutions to enhance user experience and Google rankings.


Gain a strategic edge by understanding your competitor's optimization tactics. We analyze their keyword performance, search engine rankings, social media presence, and technical and backlink profiles, empowering you to develop differentiated strategies for a competitive advantage.

Meta Data

Optimize your website's first impression with effective meta descriptions, title tags, meta keywords, alt attributes, and robots tags. FigFame's expertise in technical SEO for WordPress ensures no misused metadata hinders your SEO performance.


Large images slow down your website and frustrate visitors. Our specialists reduce file size, choose optimal formats, utilize alt attributes, and leverage image sitemaps and plugins to improve site speed and attract more customers, especially for eCommerce platforms.


Page speed is crucial for both rankings and user experience. We implement file compression, code optimization, reduced redirects, browser caching, content delivery networks (CDNs), and improved server response time to ensure your website loads quickly and keeps visitors engaged.

Structured Data Markup

Help search engines understand your content with schema markup. We highlight page elements, assign data tags, generate HTML, and add the markup to your pages, utilizing Google's tools to test and diagnose any issues.


Uncover relevant and high-performing keywords with in-depth research based on industry trends and consumer behavior. We optimize your web pages with the right keywords, ensuring your website matches what users are searching for.


Understand your website's online authority and identify opportunities for improvement through a comprehensive backlink analysis. We evaluate the reputation and authority of your referring domains, social share magnitude of linking pages, and overall backlink health, helping you acquire valuable links from relevant websites.

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